Chapter V - Forged Reign (Suffuse)

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Once the humans’ shock had dissipated they began to scatter in fear. Etu, the flame within her, raised a circle of flame around them.

“Earthdwellers!” she began, “I do not wish death upon you, but this is what has been defined! The one you called Taka, the gift receiver, has created this reality. He has brought death to your kind, a curse for the defilement of innocence.”

Most of the shouts and pants had calmed as they stared at the burnt hole in Taka’s throat.

“The Receiver was given more than the flame. He was given a choice, which was used to achieve his own glory, not for that of all existence. From his actions he has created many imbalances, in the scales of all. The gifts bestowed! Purpose, Intelligence, the flame!  They were given to you in hopes of balancing the scales. However, it appears the gift’s burden was too much for you. Your feeble minds could not realize or grow to understand its true potential. The Figure feared to place the gift within the Receiver’s hand. And now, in the hands of this human, the gift was weighed, measured, and determined. Its weight is unbearable.”

Just outside view, The Figure observed. The determination and balance of the scales had shifted. They knew something must be done to continue the balance.  With Etu’s sacrifice, death had made its first claim. The universe’s boundless essence was lost. The void called for its own determination, its cry rang across the dark spheres. The Figure’s consciousness pained with a cry, as innocence of all had vanished.

The Figure watched in horror as streams of great energy formed and flowed across the earth and its brothers and sisters. Some of the energies glowed brightly, humming a pleasant tone as they flew around the rotating sphere. Others were dark and brooding. A screeching noise followed the energies as they crashed onto other planets, shooting rock and earth up into the atmosphere.

The void’s cry grew louder as more and more streams manifested themselves. The universe radiated with the vibrations of the energy now being made known. Three dark streams flew to The Figure and encircled them. The energies’ screeches and vibrations were harsh and overwhelming. The Figure shouted in great pain.  They were unable to quench the energies that surrounded them.

The energies called to him, “Here you sit with the entire universe at your hands. The scales continue to lean unfavorably. As your gift’s receiver has done before, you must do the same.”

The void’s energies now surrounded the planet earth and darkened the sky. The only light on the planet came from Etu and her circle of flame. The warmth of Etu’s flame was just enough to overcome the bitter cold that swept across the valley.

“We must be bound” said the energies that still encircled the figure. “The scales have been abrupted, and we cannot be ignored.”

The earth shook, as the energies made their attempts to balance the universe. The ashy soil from the grove grew damp. The energies that surrounded the figure changed their trajectories towards the earth. They screeched loudly as they plummeted down.

The first crashed violently into the soil, sending a shock wave across the ground that pounded steadily back and forth. Its impact so violent, the earth’s once still existence was sent into a spiral. The humans, who felt weakened from this steadily pacing pound, fell to the ground as the earth began its course.

The second flew through the cloud of energies and expanded.  It filled the entire atmosphere with a grey fog, causing the humans to choke.  They gasped for air as the sun’s brilliance and warmth was cut off.

The third, much like the first, hit violently on the stone hill the human’s had temporarily found refuge on. The hit was violent, sending a shock wave across the grove. The impact left the hill undisturbed, except a strange flowing ring on the ground.  The air around it was stale and silent.

Etu watched the energies closing and realized what was occuring.

“Here!” she called to the humans. “Close your eyes.”

She reached out her hands and stretched her arms as far as she could. The flame that engulfed her grew larger and brighter. She let out a great cry as the flame from her body fled from her body and into the eyes of the humans. They shouted as the pale blue flame filled their eyes and skull. The flame within Etu was now a part of all of those who surrounded it. Etu disappeared in a flash as the humans now stood in the dark valley, gasping for breath as they stood alone.

The circle on the stone hill broke and sent a stream of water trickling under their feet.  The waters rose to their ankles and began to move more rapidly. The humans shivered as the cold water engulfed them and swirled around them. It grew higher, so high that they could not breathe.  They panicked and thrashed violently, doing their best to keep themselves afloat. As death was once outside of their existence, the humans were boundless; but as the water rose, death was unleashed upon the earth.  Mortality was defined. The earth began to make its way through the universe following its path around the white glowing sphere at the center.

For now the limits were set. Everything bearing a beginning and end. The humans floated, constrained within the water’s flow; the flow of time.

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